Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Skype Chats Start Tomorrow!

Teachers, students, librarians, homeschoolers -- the "LIVE" part of the Annick LIVEbrary starts tomorrow with a Live Skype Chat with author Mark Shulman discussing Do-It-Yourself Video at 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

To participate in tomorrow's chat, you must send your Skype Username to so that Lisa can let you into the chat. You only need one Skype Username per classroom, although you can have more if you want. If you don't have Skype software installed yet, here's the download link (it's free):

You might need to get your school or library media expert to help you install and set-up the Skype software. It's fairly simple. Steve will answer any tech questions you have. You can email or Skype me at steveokeefe.

In exciting news for Annick LIVEbrary users, Skype announced today an agreement with MySpace making it easier for MySpace users to participate in Skype chats. Starting in November, MySpace users may be able to participate using their Instant Messenger program.

LIVEbrary chats will always be restricted access (you have to register and provide a Skype Username to get in), but this new relationship between Skype and MySpace will hopefully make it easier for students to participate in the Annick LIVEbrary in the weeks and months ahead.

Producer, The LIVEbrary

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