Friday, May 16, 2008

LIVEbrary Open House - Podcast and Transcript

We had a successful Open House here at the LIVEbrary on Thursday, May 15. You can take the Open House Tour yourself any time by listening to the podcast and following the transcript below. Here's a link to the podcast:

Podcast of Annick LIVEbrary Open House
(WAV File, 30 minutes, audio only)


The podcast includes producer Steve O'Keefe explaining the mission of the LIVEbrary program. There's a quick recap of Season One, "Media Awareness," from Fall of 2007, and an introduction to Season Two, "World History," running through Spring of 2008.

The LIVEbrary On Demand program is described as an effort to put teachers in charge of the LIVEbrary by allowing them to select the software used, the authors they want to chat with, and the date and time of their chats. Each LIVEbrary On Demand online classroom visit includes a live chat with an author trained in online communications, a moderator, and a LIVEbrary Lesson Plan.

Charis Cotter, author of Kids Who Rule, described the LIVEbrary training she received and how she's already using those skills to reach out to classrooms she can't possibly visit in person.

Our blog editor, Dr. Dedra Johnson, is also on the podcast discussing her process for selecting stories for the blog. She highlights a few of her favorite posts.

Here's a transcript of the sites we visited during the LIVEbrary Open House. You can follow the links while listening to the podcast, if you like.


Sample LIVEbrary Blog Post
Copyright-Free Artwork Sources

Sample LIVEbrary Lesson Plan
for Shari Graydon's book, Made You Look
Web Version:
PDF version:

Skype Chat Transcript for Made You Look with Shari Graydon

The Annick LIVEbrary Web Site

List of Books, Authors, and Lesson Plans in LIVEbrary On Demand

List of Books & Authors for Fall 2008 (Science) and Spring 2009 (Health)

Google "LIVEbrary" to see News Coverage, Linkage, and Spread of Program
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Michele said...

I work with authors who would love to Skype with students/schools. Can you tell me how you select your authors?

Steve O'Keefe said...


Thanks for your input. Authors in the LIVEbrary program are all published by Annick Press. They have volunteered their time to go through training for conducting classroom visits.

Some of these training sessions have been open to the public. I hope in the fall we will continue to offer some open training sessions in Skype, FreeConferenceCall, and other communications software programs authors can use to deliver online classroom visits.

Please do subscribe to the LIVEbrary blog via email or RSS and we'll post training opportunities as we complete the Fall schedule.

Thank You,
Producer, The Annick LIVEbrary