Friday, October 19, 2007

Canzine: The Festival of Zine Culture in Halifax and Toronto

Hey, Hal again. Just wanted to let everyone know that the big festival of zines (independently published mini-magazines), underground film and video, indie comics and more is coming to Halifax this weekend and Toronto on October 28th. For complete info, go to the Canzine page.

Canzine is an opportunity to meet tons of independent creators, listen to readings and discussions, and revel in the general craziness of DIY culture, so hopefully if you're in the area you can come out!

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Steve O'Keefe said...


You'll be teaching some zine-making skills right here in the LIVEbrary after Canzine. Our Lesson Plan for your week, starting October 29, is all about making zines.

We'll have that lesson plan, reading and assignment posted soon. Canzine and LIVEbrary make a nice one-two zine school.