Friday, October 19, 2007

Hello! Hal here...

Hi everybody, Hal Niedzviecki here, author of The Big Book of Pop Culture: A How To Guide for Young Artists.

I'm just back from Vancouver where I spoke to a lively bunch of teenagers about making their own pop culture. There was about 150 of us and we had a lot of fun discussing what pop culture is, where it comes from and why we should make our own. I gave away copies of my magazine Broken Pencil, the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts, to those with particularly enthusiastic comments and ideas.

I was also causing mini riots by throwing buttons into the throng kindly provided to me by CBC Radio 3, a great online and satellite radio broadcast of indie music. So, thanks to everyone who was there, we had a fun conversation, and I'm really looking forward to talking with everyone during the LiveLibrary discussion!

More soon...Hal.

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Steve O'Keefe said...

Hello, Hal,

Where in Vancouver were you speaking with these kids? Was it a high school?

Vancouver, B.C., is such a gorgeous town -- lots of world-class gardeners there. Even gardening can be pop culture if it's done with flair.

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