Monday, October 15, 2007

About Annick's LIVEbrary

At Annick Press we stand up for the things we believe in. We strive to be bold and we talk about issues that matter to youth. We never preach; we never tell someone what we think they should believe and we adhere to the possibility that together we can work for change, even if the prospects of being heard seem remote.

Most of all we recognize that nothing can be achieved through literature if the books themselves fail to stimulate and entertain. As we read, we expand our world view and we recognize different perspectives. We develop critical and analytical thinking. In short, we connect with ideas, other people and our inner selves.

Our LIVEbrary program is about enhancing those connections. Technology allows us to put reader and author in a virtual room to continue a dialogue. Now it is possible to have a conversation with the writer of a book that resonated for you, the reader . You can ask the questions that demand an answer. And you can test out your perspectives with a recognized authority. It’s a remarkable opportunity; one that allows all of us to exchange ideas in an exciting and innovative forum. Is it possible to take a fresh look at media, science, health, history and current events? Absolutely, and we invite you to connect with the people who can take you there. LIVEbrary is going to be a lot like reading a good book: it will be a great journey; one that brings equal measures of satisfaction and inspiration.

We welcome any feedback or comments you might have.

Rick Wilks
Annick Press Ltd.

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Steve O'Keefe said...

Rick, thanks for these words of support.

Students participating in this week's program on Do-It-Yourself Video might enjoy seeing Rick Wilks' video for Annick Press. It's just 2 minutes, and provides a good example of the kind of quick, simple interview students can film as a project.

You'll find Rick's video at one of these two links:

at Annick Press (higher-quality QuickTime)

at YouTube (lower quality Flash)