Thursday, September 13, 2007

Annick Press Announces The LIVEbrary

We issued our first news release about the Annick LIVEbrary yesterday. Here's the full text:

Annick Press Teams with Skype for
New Online Program for Kids

~ The LIVEbrary Debuts October 15 ~

(Toronto -- Sept. 12, 2007) -- Annick Press, an internationally recognized publisher with a 30-year history of developing innovative books for youth, is teaming up with Skype Technologies to present an ambitious online program for Middle and Junior High School kids. Called "The LIVEbrary," the 2-year program is funded in part by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

The LIVEbrary is an innovative program that brings together well-known authors, experts, students, and teachers as they discuss curriulum-related books in a secure online environment. Designed not only to provide young teens with relevant educational content, the LIVEbrary is also an excellent platform from which to train students in the responsible use of new technology. The first season begins on October 15 with a 5-week program on Media Awareness, featuring media literacy pioneer Shari Graydon .

The LIVEbrary is free, but teachers and librarians must register their classrooms in advance to participate in the live chats. Parents and homeschoolers are also welcome. To register or get more information, send email to .

The LIVEbrary makes exciting content available to schools and libraries in well-designed units that offer unprecedented interaction with authors and experts. Each week a lesson plan based on an issue or theme of immediate interest to students and educators is distributed to participants. The plan contains a reading, an assignment, a quiz, and discussion questions. Students can participate using a variety of technologies, including blogging, email, and Skype chat. For one hour each week, a noted author/expert will serve as instructor and meet with students for a live one-hour chat using the popular Skype software. Annick Press is providing tech support for schools and libraries to ensure smooth connections.

Annick Press has long been an innovator in quality children's literature. Founded in 1975, Annick Press has built its international stature through its commitment to provide children with a reading experience that is both stimulating and exciting. "We are committed to books that help encourage dialogue, offer support and encouragement, develop critical thinking skills and, hopefully, address the barrage of pressures that confront today's kids," says Director Rick Wilks. For more information, see .

The LIVEbrary is being produced by Patron Saint Productions, a PR firm in New Orleans, Louisiana, that specializes in creating online programming for books and authors. Steve O'Keefe, the company's executive director, has created similar programs for Read Across America Day in conjunction with Random House Children's Media Group, and has been using online classrooms to bring students and authors together since 1995.

"Our goal is to teach young people how to use collaborative technology while giving their teachers a well-structured program they can rely on," O'Keefe said of The LIVEbrary. "It's not easy to produce quality online programs capable of reaching into middle schools and junior high schools. We refine our methods based on teacher feedback to deliver the best educational programming available online."

The complete schedule of topics and authors for The LIVEbrary's first season on Media Awareness is below. For more information, please contact Steve O'Keefe, Producer of the LIVEbrary, phone 504-342-4806, email

# # #

Coming Fall 2007
A New Online Educational Program for
Middle and Junior High School Teachers,
Librarians, and Media Specialists,
Public Librarians, Parents, and Homeschoolers
their Families, Friends, and Support Groups

The LIVEbrary
from Annick Press

a free, weekly program
offering supervised, online collaboration
between students, teachers, librarians, and authors

The LIVEbrary #1
"MEDIA AWARENESS: SEE the Media - BE the Media"
A Five Week Program beginning October 15, 2007

Week #1, October 15-19
DIY VIDEO: Solo and Team Work
taught by Mark Shulman, author of
"Attack of the Killer Video Book:
Tips and Tricks for Young Directors"

Week #2, October 22-26
IN YOUR FACE: What is Beautiful?
taught by Shari Graydon, media literacy activist,
author of "In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You"

Week #3, October 29-November 2
DIY ZINES: Your Own Pop Culture Machine
taught by Hal Niedzviecki, editor of "Broken Pencil,"
author of "The Big Book of Pop Culture:
A How-To Guide for Young Artists"

Week #4, November 5-9
MADE YOU LOOK: Tricks and Tactics of the Ad Trade
taught by Shari Graydon, media literacy activist,
author of "Made You Look:
How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know"

Week #5, November 12-16
BE THE AD: The Future of Advertising is YOU!
taught by Claire Carmichael, author of the novel,
"Leaving Simplicity," a near-future look at a school
where the advertising has gone berserk.

Click on this link and use this form to
reserve a place in the LIVEbrary program
and receive instructions on how to participate.
For more information,
send email to

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