Friday, September 14, 2007

American Libraries Struggle to Add Technology

A survey released Wednesday by the American Library Association (ALA) showed the number of Internet terminals in libraries statistically unchanged since 2002.

Despite vastly increased demand for Internet access from school children, employment seekers, and library patrons, libraries remain stuck in a holding pattern on Internet connectivity.

Librarians cite the major reasons for not adding terminals as lack of space, difficulty of configuring wiring in older buildings, and a lack of dedicated funds. Many libraries face restrictions on the use of funds that pre-date the Internet era.

Here at the Annick LIVEbrary, we are aware that many of our patrons lack technology advanced enough to participate in our live chats. We have provided a variety of other methods for participating in the LIVEbrary program, including submitting questions through the LIVEbrary Blog and submitting questions through our Email Exchange.

Some of the questions we get from the blog and email will be used in the live chats. The anwsers will be distributed with the chat transcript. Those classrooms that participate via blog or email will still have a rewarding learning experience at the LIVEbrary.

Next week we will post more detailed instructions on how to access the live chats and how to use the LIVEbrary Blog and Email Exchange features of our program. Have a great weekend and support your local library!

Producer, The LIVEbrary

Photo Credit: "Eyes on the Print" by Tracy Conti. First Place winner, Youth division in the American Library Association's "Beyond Words" photo contest. Used with permission.

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