Monday, June 9, 2008

Introducing Henry Aubin

Henry Aubin was born in New Jersey. He spent his childhood there, as well as in France and Malta. As a child, he was fascinated by the Egyptian and Assyrian exhibitions at New York's Metropolitan Museum. Later, as a teenager, he was exposed to Mediterranean antiquity.

After graduating from Harvard with a degree in English, he worked as a reporter for the Philadelphia Bulletin and the Washington Post. In 1973, he and his wife moved to Montreal, where he went to work for the Gazette. He still works there today as a columnist.

Henry's exploration of Egypt's 25th Dynasty began when he was telling his eight-year-old son about African history. (Two of his four children are adopted, and one is of African-Canadian origin.) The astonishing but little-known story of Egypt's 25th Dynasty, and its subsequent exploits in the Middle East, revived his long-dormant interest in ancient history. After writing a non-fiction book on the topic, Henry wrote Rise of the Golden Cobra (Spring 2007) so that he could share his fascination with young audiences.

Future plans include writing sequels to Rise of the Golden Cobra, which will focus on the next two generations of the 25th Dynasty's pharaohs.

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